WE REAP WHAT WE SOW                                                           

                      We all are a part of this society.  So let’s be kind to every living entity as we need to live in harmony on this planet

We believe that we need to work in harmony with everybody in welfare of the society and planet.

 That means:

  •  Honest and fair wages for every  person in this chain.
  •  Equal rights and chances  for man and woman 
  •  A safe and a clean workplace 
  •  As we are a family owned business. Our family values go deep into the business we run.  
  •  Our coworkers are a part of our family and together with them we run this business . 


RG Industry is working together with reputable social compliance company's. 
The audit companies are very strict and independent in their judgments. The inspection of the factory are unannounced. 
This is keeping us sharp so that we can improve our factory and process and to train us in awareness and skills
We work together with different audit companies for different purposes.
For social and awareness compliance we work together with BSCI and SEDEX 
For chemical and quality testing we work together with SGS .
Our factory is ISO 9001 Certificated 
Our building is inspected by SEDEX and BSCI in terms of safety and fire protection and awareness. 



We are aware of the  ecological footprint of this industry.  We believe strongly that  manufacturing  must be in  benefit  for society and envoriment.
Our target is afcourse zero waste but let is be practical. 
Our comitment is to reduce they waste as far as possible and  to recycle waste . 
Cutting waste is re used  to make pillows,matras,boxing gloves and punching bags. 
Water that is used for washing the garments will  reused  with a septic tank. So there is no water pollution.
We are investing more in solar power so that our factory can run on a eco friendly way. 
Our partners who are dyeing the fabrics are renomated company .They are aware of the strict rules and regulations.

Upcomming projects 

1. Oeko Tex 
2. Bio Cotton
We are always seek in our budget to improve our services towards society and nature  .
Improvement is a never ending process .The only thing we need is to have the right heart and determination.