All orders are made with passion in our factory in India. Our highly skilled team will guide your orders through all the processes. See below all the steps:

First we will start with a visit, you can visit our team in Amsterdam or in India.
But we also can schedule a meeting at your place. Here we can discuss all the sampling and delivery points.

Step 01: Sampling and Pattern development
After our team designed your collection the sampling of the items will be started.

We can assist you with the shapes, artworks, prints and trimmings. This will be filed together and send to our sample department. It’s also possible to work with your technical file or sketch, we even can work from a picture and a digital pattern (CADCAM) . If you need any technical advice we are ready to assist you!


The samples will be made with open way of communication we always keep the lines very short.
If there is any problem it will be discussed immediately with you. Our technical advisor will check all your requirements. Our sample lead-time is:   this is from sketch till ready in house

  • Sample in available fabric: around 5-10 working days
  • Sample in a new fabric (sourcing): around 10- 15 working days

We are working with: a big variation of woven and jersey qualities ( cotton , viscose, polyester, blends)

Step 02: Cutting, Sewing and Finishing

With a smart lay of the pattern we can save money and waste. This will have a benefit in the price.
Every fabric needs a special treatment before cutting. We know this very well!
With our knowledge and teamwork we always avoid mistakes in the production process

Our motivated workers will produce your orders. With inline inspection and checking we keep the production in control.
Our specialty is woven and jersey fabrics
Production capacity: 100 000 pieces a month
Minimum quantity: 300 pieces but this depends on the fabric.

Step 03: Finishing, Handwork, Ironing, Quality control and Packing


After sewing the garments it will proceed to the handwork and pressing department.
After the final inspections the goods will be made ready for packing. Handwork will be done in our factory, We do not allowing sub contracting. Quality control contains: measurement control, shrinkage control, finishing and workmanship control, sewing mistakes    and fabric damages


After washing and pressing process the goods are ready to be tagged.
We can label the goods as your requirements we can develop the barcode/labels and price tags.
after the labeling we will pack the order as your requirement for example:
unit packing, solid packing, transit packing. Our team is experienced in all kind of packing and shipping guidelines


Did you know that according to European law broken needle detection is a mandatory for every child garment.
We recheck every garment with our special needle detection machine.

Did you know it takes many effort and attempts to make a clay pot. Just like like this art. Production of garments is not easy and it takes allot of experience and dedication to master it .We have many years of experience in this field. Not only we know our work proffessionally.But we keep our passion alive with new challenges .